Operation Christmas Child Packing Party and Shoebox Collection

Join us in collecting shoeboxes for children in over 100 Countries who have suffered

starvation, disease, natural disaster, war and much more!

Johnston Chapel has several ways for you to get involved.
  1. Purchase materials for or donate money for shipping of shoeboxes ($9 per box).  Please place offerings in a Special Offering envelope and mark it for “OCC” by November 12th.  You can drop off materials by the display between the lobby and the church offices between now and November 12th.
  2. Join us for a church wide Shoebox Packing Party on November 17th at 7 PM in the Fellowship Hall.  Light refreshments will be provided.
  3. Pack a shoebox yourself and bring it to the church by Sunday, November 19th.
NEW THIS YEAR:  Because of custom’s issues in many of the Countries these boxes are shipped to,


Some acceptable items for shoeboxes would be:  toothbrushes, soap, washcloths, Pencils or color pencils (pencil sharpeners) and crayons, notebooks or paper, combs, hairbands, small tools, sewing kits, fabric, nail kits, toys, games, balls, soccer balls with air pumps, cars, balloons, fake jewelry, stuffed animals, clothing items, shoes, and books.

DO NOT INCLUDE:  used items, war items, knives, guns, liquid items, anything that could melt, toothpaste, candy of any kind, money, valuable items such as gold or silver jewelry.

If you have any questions regarding the Shoebox Packing Party please direct those to Holly Parish.   If you have questions about packing a shoebox please visit Samaritan’s Purse website.  All other questions should be directed to Jim Nofsinger.

Facts about Shoeboxes

Shoeboxes are collected every third week of November.  They are processed here in the US and shipped before Christmas.  Sometimes these boxes are not delivered to the children until Spring because of logistical challenges of getting them to the Countries and delivered in the Country.  

Shoeboxes are not given out indiscriminately.  There is a team of volunteers in each Country that find churches to partner with, train the leadership on how to present and use the shoeboxes and how to disciple the families that come to the churches as a result.  These boxes are an outreach ministry to the community of these churches and an easy way to show that Jesus loves them.  

Some favorite items that children receive in shoeboxes are soap and toothbrushes.  Stuffed animals are a close 2nd!  No matter the age they love stuffed animals because this may be the first soft item they have ever owned.  

School supplies are so important!  Many children cannot attend school without a pencil.  Something as simple as a pencil may help educate a child.

From time to time there are items that may not seem practical to us that God uses to bless a specific child.  Out of the millions of shoeboxes that are sent out from the 8 sending Countries, the Lord directs each box to a specific child for whom it is meant for.  There are many stories of children who needed or wanted a specific item and received it in a shoebox.  They had no means to get the items otherwise.