Elaine Aldrich was scheduled for a biopsy/aspiration for the left breast on Monday at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center.  “We would appreciate your prayers as we are trusting God for His continued mercy and grace.”

Patty Kocher at Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center recovering from a liver transplant Friday night.  She is a friend of Wes and Vonda Wyatt.

Brad Pettrey is at the Pavillion in Bluefield undergoing medication adjustments.

Calvin Saunders recovering from partial hip replacement and at Bridgewater for rehabilitation in Myrtle Beach, SC.

John Robinson, Sr. at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center recovering from surgery and skin graft on Thursday for squamous cell skin cancer on his face, in a gland by an ear and in a lymph node in his neck. A pathology report is pending to assess whether radiation, etc will be needed after recovery at home. He is scheduled to be released on Wednesday.

Louise Moses, mother of Elaine Simmons, at Princeton Community Hospital recovering from hip replacement surgery.