Adult Small Groups



Each group focuses on discussion-oriented Bible study, the sharing of one another’s blessings and concerns, and prayer. If you are interested in getting involved, contact the leader of a group to inquire about openings. The current groups are:


SUNDAY- 5:00 -7:00PM (Digital Disciples, a task-based group focusing on the Church’s technology needs)                                                                        Leader- Bill Parish (304-449-4001)                                                                                                                                                                        Location- Church Conference Room                                                                                                                                                                        Current study- Ephesians


Leader- Barry Blizzard (304-425-3321)
Location- Host Rotation
Current study- Proverbs



1- Definition

An intentional face-to-face gathering of a handful of people on a regular
time schedule with the common purpose of helping one another to grow

2- How They Fulfill Our Purpose

• Our purpose- to develop disciples of Christ who love Him, grow in Him and serve Him
• Small groups would comprise, along with Adult Bible Fellowships, our strategy for helping people to grow in Christ- together they would be called Growth Groups
• Growth occurs through Bible study, prayer and fellowship. Fellowship is the practice of the “one anothers,” the sharing of our lives and caring for each other’s needs. This relational context for Bible study and prayer is what small groups do best

3- Why Needed

a) Biblical reasons
• The Trinity- John 1:1; 17:5
• Jesus’ Model- His disciples- Mark 3:13-14
• The Early Church Model- Acts 2:46; 20:20
• Paul’s Model- ministered in teams; 2 Tim. 2:2

b) Cultural reasons
• Traditional support systems in society gone- extended family, neighborhood, secure job, neighborhood church
• Meets great need in “high-tech, low touch” culture

c) Ministry reasons
• Provide for relational ministry (one-anothers) not found in the worship services
• An excellent discipleship model
• An excellent evangelistic model

4- Our Vision

• To understand discipleship more biblically, becoming a more relational church, not just program-oriented and content-oriented
• To offer as one form of growth groups to help people grow in Christ, the other being Adult Bible Fellowships
• Will continue and strengthen ABFs and allow people to choose one or the other as their preferred means of deeper growth in Christ
• Both small groups and ABFs will be under the same pastoral leadership and will not be pitted against each other
• To move from growth groups into serving Christ by encouraging groups to be serving in their neighborhoods as well as in community ministries like the Abel Center, Union Mission, etc.

For more information on our Small Groups please contact Pastor Dan Thyng.