Celebrate Recovery

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In September 2012, the Lord impressed upon a few people in our Church to start a Celebrate Recovery ministry, namely Jason and Tera Dillow.  The ministry was started with a number of volunteers, nervous and yet eager, to reach out to a community of people suffering through their Hurts, Habits and Hang-ups.  Over the past eight years, we have celebrated a number of victories and we have grieved at the loss of some of our friends and Celebrate Recovery family.  We watched as God performed so many amazing things, the purchase of a van to transport people to and from Celebrate Recovery and the remodeling of the Fellowship Hall to a Worship Center for meetings. The starting of Celebrate Recovery on the Inside and helping to establish other CR ministries, we stand in awe of what God has accomplished through CR at Johnston Chapel.


The past eight years have been some of the most exciting and challenging times of ministry for all of us involved in CR.  I firmly believe it is God who starts ministry and it is God who determines when it is time for a ministry to end.  So, it is with a heavy heart that we have made the decision to end the Celebrate Recovery ministry at Johnston Chapel.  We are hoping to continue the CR on the Inside ministry at the Welch Prison.  Thank you to all of the volunteers for your dedication and faithfulness to the CR ministry.  God will reward you for your love to hurting people and thank you to Celebrate Recovery State Reps who have supported us and encouraged us along the way.  Thank you, Jason and Tera, for not giving up on a vision that God gave you to reach our Community.