Brad Burton, son of Erie & June Walters, at Princeton Community Hospital with COVID and pneumonia.

Ellis Matherly was scheduled for a biopsy on Wednesday morning at Princeton Community Hospital.

The family of Gerald Moulder, nephew of David and Carol Moulder. He passed on Friday evening.  Please remember his wife and children.

Gale Belcher, father of Lisa Belcher, at home under hospice care and hoping to stay home this time. He was treated at the hospital for dangerously high sodium levels.  Thank you for your ongoing prayers.

Michaela Murphy recovering from surgery on Thursday at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Maryland, to remove another cholesteotoma wrapped around facial muscles.  They were able to remove most of it and there is no paralysis.  Be praying for her recovery and that she will not have any long-term issues with taste.

Timothy Morris, father of Laura Goforth, in ICU in a hospital in Ocala, Florida with COPD.

Betty DeBoard at the Mercer Nursing and Rehab Center, with COVID and pneumonia.  She is improving and her throat is much better but is having nausea and bad headaches.

Andrea Devito, niece of Ginger Clower and Tommy Goings, at home recovering from COVID and pneumonia .

Sam Powell at home recovering from COVID and bilateral pneumonia and is very weak.

Paul Sammons is in a rehab facility in Pulaski, VA.  He is scheduled to go home on Monday.