Chuck Bolen is scheduled for shoulder surgery Thursday in Christiansburg, VA.

Al Lowe at home after being treated at the Princeton Community Hospital Emergency Room on Tuesday.  He was attacked and stomped by a cow and is ivery bruised and hardly able to walk.  Please pray for his healing and recovery.

Betty DeBoard, with a hematoma on her leg that is giving her trouble but is slowly healing. She is also having kidney problems and is very weak.

Vicki Hoffman is being treated at home for shingles.

Hilda Simmons, mother of Pastor Jim Simmons, at Encompass Rehabilitation Center in Huntington, WV to regain strength after being hospitalized for several weeks with breathing, renal, heart & stomach issues.

Gabriela Yustiz, infant daughter of MCA alum Leslee Easter Yustiz, at CHKD recovering from open heart surgery for HLHS and a subsequent infection. She is doing much better tolerating her feeds by NG tube, but is not gaining enough weight and will have a G-tube placed in her stomach soon. She also has a low white blood cell count; pray that it is just from the antibiotics and that it will come up soon.