Update on Ethan, age 4, who was airlifted to Dallas Children’s Hospital after being found face down in the bathtub on January 14: The family is taking this time to say goodbye to him as the Lord has chosen not to give them a miracle. Tests have shown Ethan’s brain injury as unrecoverable and his time of passing is in the Lord’s hands. Please pray for his family. Ethan is the grandson of missionaries through Freedom in Christ.

Ellen “Sis” Dillon, mother of a friend of Michaela Murphy, has a history of throat cancer and has had pneumonia.  She is a home from the hospital and had immunotherapy on Wednesday.  Pray it will work to help her.

Richard Hanham dealing with urinary tract problems resulting from radiation for prostate cancer.

Richard Calvi at home and doing better after being tested and treated for an infection.  Keep praying that he will continue to be completely well.

Please pray for the family of Tony Webster, a former student of Yvonne Sigman.  Tony collapsed while lifting weights on Monday and has since gone to be with the Lord. Tony died from a brain bleed.

Bobby Thompson, brother of Leona Hendricks, having complications following surgery that happened several weeks ago.  The feeding tube was removed on Tuesday and he was scheduled to see the ENT on Thursday.  Pray for wisdom for his best care.

Dr. Miriam Wheeler, missionary in Ukraine and medical director for ABWE, was admitted to hospital in Ukraine with acute chest pain and shortness of breath. A diagnosis of a large blood clot in the lungs has been made.  She continues to improve in all clinical parameters.  Miriam is still weak but on Wednesday she was able to walk a short distance for the first time.  Pray for continued healing and for her strength to return.