ABF profile- Joy Comes In The Morning


Name: Joy Comes In The Morning

Leaders: Jim Walker and Richard Hanham

Meeting Date and Time:  Sundays at 8:00 AM

Length of Meeting:  45 mins.

Child Care: N/A

Location:  Room 140

Demographics:  Diverse age group older adults male and female made up of ages 50 and up.

Focus: Intense Bible study with class discussion. Always making application of the lesson to meet students needs.We really care for one another.

Dynamics:  Enjoy great fellowship and prayer during the first fifteen minutes. Mission minded including local and global groups. Once a month we visit the Bluefield Union Mission to help anyway they need us.We contact each of the six missionaries we are assigned by sending them greeting cards with a gift card for their birthday or wedding anniversary.

Contact Information:  Jim Walker:  boltman@frontiernet.net.